Real-Life Superheroes, part 6

Whether you’re a runner looking for inspiration, or a writer looking for a story, this post may just help you out…


The Boston Marathon takes place on Monday.  I won’t be running it this year, which breaks my heart.  That race is more fun than…jeez…a barrel of monkeys?  A trampoline of hamsters?  A terrarium of Bearded Dragons?

hopkintonIt’s crazy fun, that’s what it is.

My favourite Boston memory? Hmmm, let’s see…

One time I found myself running alongside a heavyset man.  He was running at a fast clip, which was amazing, considering that he was pushing a weird wheelchair/stroller contraption.  A young man was reclined in the stroller, and he was grinning at the huge crowds that had gathered on both sides of the road. Everyone went ballistic as these two guys passed by.  It was like they were rock stars or something.

That was six years ago.  It’s one of the great regrets of my life that I HAD NO IDEA who Rick and Dick Hoyt were.  But I know who they are now.  As do millions and millions of others.

They aren’t rock stars, of course.  They’re something much better.  They’re a father and a son, and more importantly – A TEAM.  And they’re a reminder of the good that any of us can do in this world:

Believe me, it’s worth the plane fare to Boston – just to cheer these two heroes on.

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