Real-Life Superheroes, Part 5

7 year-old Jack Hoffman has had some bad luck lately.

Two years ago, he  suffered a seizure, and nearly died of respiratory failure.  Then he was diagnosed with cancer.   And then he had two brain tumor surgeries.

But Jack has had some good luck too.  Between operations, he met his hero Rex Burkhead – a running back for the University of Nebraska football team, the Cornhuskers.

Recently, during a break in his treatment, Rex invited Jack to the team’s annual spring scrimmage.  As you’ll see, the team had a surprise planned:

Jack took to the field in full gear, and ran a heroic 69 yards for the game’s final touchdown.  The crowd of 60,000 went nuts.

Jack is currently on a break from his 60-week chemotherapy treatment.  His tumor has shrunk substantially in the past year, and his father, Andy, says he’s “doing great.”

More on Jack’s heroism here.

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