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What would it feel like to know you are going blind?

Thirteen-year-old Finn loves bike riding — the more dangerous the trail, the better. But he had a spectacular crash a few months ago, and he’s just received a diagnosis that will change his life. He is slowly going blind. In a few years his vision will be gone.

Desperate to salvage something of his “last” summer, Finn invites a friend to the cottage and is drawn to a strange island that seems to glimmer — but no one else can see it. When he gets close, he’s sucked into something he could never have anticipated. Can Finn’s friend Cheese help him come to terms with “lights out” . . . or will it take something much more extraordinary?

“Highly Recommended” – Canadian Review of Materials.

Available at a bookstore near you! Or you can order through: Indigo Canada, and Amazon.

Ultra cover

WINNER: Manitoba Young Readers Choice AwardSaskatchewan Young Readers Choice AwardCybils Award (Best Middle-Grade Novel)
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MYRCA logo framedwillow_logo
Ontario Library Association’s Silver Birch Award
Red Cedar Book Award (B.C. Young Reader’s Choice Award)
Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz Award
“A story of determination and perseverence. It was impossible for me to stop turning the pages.”—OWL Magazine“With every step, observation and revelation that Quinn makes, the reader pounds along with him.”—CanLit for Little Canadians“Had Ultra just been about a kid who runs in a long race, it would have been a one trick pony, but it’s more than that. The book is an approachable and funny story that will appeal to boys, sports nuts and others who wouldn’t normally pick up a book, but there is enough nuance for even the most seasoned book lover. And the story packs an unexpected emotional wallop.”—Winnipeg Review
A young ultra-marathon runner is pushed to the breaking point and beyond in this gripping tale of physical endurance and emotional healing.

You can buy a copy at your local independent bookstore. Or order through:, and Kobo.

4 thoughts on “The Books

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  2. Holy Crap! About Time…wow, just wow.

    Delighted you’re chasing your passions.

    Gouchiosity Rex Maximus pales in comparison to your achievements.

  3. Dear David,
    I absolutely loved your book Ultra! This book got me into running ultra marathons. In fact i live in Toronto and I am 13 years old. I am preparing to run my first ultra and i just so happen to be running the Halliburton Forest Trail race. I was looking up some tips on the internet and i thought that maybe you would have some tips for my first ultra. Everyone is telling me i am too young but i have ran a full marathon before and i think i am ready. Can you email me back and give me some running and training tips for my first race. I am really nervous and i need some good advice aside from; ‘Do not do it’ or ‘your too young’ I am excited but i really nead some expert advice from an expert ultra runner.
    Thank you so much.
    I want you to know that you are my inspiration and I need your help.
    Thanks alot!!!

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