For Teachers / Librarians

Before you ask, the answer is yes. I’d love to come to your school to get your students excited about books!

St. Bernadette Grade 8

My presentations are lively, often hilarious, and wildly interactive. I tailor my talks to the needs of each particular group, so no two ‘shows’ are ever alike. That said, I often talk about how I transformed himself from a non-athlete into an ultra-runner, and from a couch potato into a sports novelist. I also usually hit on the following themes: self-esteem, perseverance, mindfulness and physical fitness.

Here’s a thumbnail sketch of some of my ‘talks.’ All of these feature time for Q&A.


3 – 6: Finding Your Perfect Fit

Not all students look forward to gym class. I sure didn’t. I was tiny for my age, and when sports teams were being chosen, I was radioactive. After grade eight, I gave up on athletics entirely. So you can imagine my shock when, 2 decades later, I ran a 100-mile ultra-marathon and discovered that I was an athlete after all.

In this multi-media presentation, I’ll discuss the importance of dreaming BIG, and finding that one thing that you love to do.

Grades 3 – 8: Re-Imagine Your Possible

One in seven Canadians lives with a disability. One of those people is my best friend.

Years ago, that friend got some terrible news. After visiting his eye doctor, he was told that he had a rare eye condition that would leave him legally blind. That event was the inspiration for my second novel, ‘Sight Unseen.’

In this presentation, I’ll explore some of the challenges that ‘other-abled’ people face on a daily basis. But I’ll also show how, with help from ‘difference-makers’ – people with disabilities are capable of almost anything.

Grade 3 – 6: Impossible Doesn’t Exist

How is it possible to run 100 miles without stopping? What inspired the events in the novel Ultra?

In this highly interactive presentation, I draw on my racing experience to reveal some of the wilder aspects of long-distance running: i.e. meeting bears and wolves on the trail, running at night, hallucinating, and “hitting the wall.” I also discuss practical matters like nutrition and good health, and the all-important matter of training your mind. Finally, I talk about the word impossible – and how there really isn’t any such thing.


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