Love Your Genes!

Say it with me…  I LOVE my genes!  

If not for those little critters turning pirouettes in our DNA, we wouldn’t be able to run, cycle or swim.  (Or, for that matter, compose heart-lancing prose.)

So the next time you tap-dance across a finish line, or drop-kick a gorgeous metaphor into a short story, be sure to send a shout-out to your genetic gifts!

Or better yet, thank the person directly responsible:


It’s your Mom you’ve gotta thank that your bones are so strong.  If not for her microscopic legacy, you wouldn’t be able to suck 6 litres of air in and out of your lungs.  Mom’s the one you need to thank for that finisher’s medal around your neck. And I’ll bet she helped pay for your first word-processor too.

Promise me you’ll call her this weekend.  Or whisper a prayer in her name. Promise me, ‘kay?

This is a video of me and my mom.  (I’m the little one, fyi)

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