Real Life Superheroes, Part 4

Nikolas Toochek, age 9, is attempting to do something no kid has ever done before.  He wants to run 7 marathons on 7 continents.  He ran his first in Delaware, last December:

A few days ago, Nikolas completed his second marathon – in Antarctica.

Nikolas and penguin

The weather got pretty nasty during the run, and race organizers were forced to bundle everyone onto an airplane, and fly them back to Chile.  Nikolas ran the final 8 miles of his marathon there.

So why is Nikolas doing all this running?  To raise money for Operation Warm, a not-for-profit organization his grandfather founded.  The charity buys warm clothing for kids in need.

Nikolas isn’t sure when and where his next marathon will be.  You can follow his adventures here.

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