Running Into Spring

I never know if I’ve found the right school…until I see the sign out front:

dave at St. Jude School

It’s been a busy week of school visits. In the past few days, I’ve met and hung out with (and in some cases, even sprinted against!!!) 1000 kids!

Other cool things have been happening too. The other day I got a tweet from a great songwriter named Scott Cooper. Scott wrote and recorded a song inspired by my book! It’s a total heart-breaker. You can listen to it here.

Also, I just learned that Ultra has been nominated for a SIXTH book award!


The Red Cedar Book Award is British Columbia’s young readers’ choice award. It’s a huge honour to be nominated. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to travel to B.C. to visit some schools there. I’d love that. I’ve heard rumours that B.C. kids are super sporty. Also – I’m totally aching to run the Capilano trails in the mountains above North Vancouver!



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