The Next 100 Miler!

Next weekend I’m running the 100-Mile Haliburton Forest Trail Race. Yes, to answer your question, I’m excited. Also, pretty freaking scared.

My brother, The Photographer, will be there as usual. Here are some pictures he’s taken in past years.

The starting line

That’s the starting line. The race begins at 6 am. Many runners wear headlamps, and most of us will see the sun rise twice before we stop running.

Think of me when you get up on Saturday morning. By the time you eat breakfast, I’ll hopefully have run 15 miles.


Think of me again at lunch, by which time, I’ll be somewhere around mile 32.

Haliburton Forest race (6)

By dinnertime, I’ll be closing in on 60 miles.


By the time you go to bed, I might be at mile 72.

Haliburton Forest race (2)

When you get up early Sunday morning to take a pee, I’ll hopefully be close to the finish line.

100 miles (3)

Or maybe not.  You never know.  Running through a forest for 24 hours straight is kinda like running through a Grimm’s fairy tale. It’s incredibly beautiful, but there’s danger too.  And there’s no guarantee of a happy ending.

Photo hat tip: andyscamera

4 thoughts on “The Next 100 Miler!

  1. Good luck out there and have fun.
    Will be thinking of you next weekend, especially when I wake up in the middle of the night and think about what you are still up to at that hour.

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