Real Life Superheroes, Part 2

Take a look at the runners in these pictures.  Can you tell what makes them all special?

First, there’s America’s Dick Beardsley (on the left):


Up next, Spain’s Fernandez Anaya (in green):


And finally, Ohio track star Meghan Vogel (blonde hair, on the right):

Meghan Vogel

Any guesses?  Yes, they’re all runners, and yes, they’re crazy fit.  They probably run 100+ miles a week and eat nothing but salads and nuts.  But these incredibly healthy human specimens have something much more interesting – and much more valuable – in common.

You’ve got fifteen seconds to figure it out.  Tick tick tick tick tick…TIME’S UP!

ANSWER: All of these runners are real-life superheroes.  They’re not only fast.  They’re also super kind.

Take Meghan Vogel.  She was competing in her third race of the day.  Ahead of her, a runner crumpled to the ground in the heat.  But instead of dashing past her, she lifted her up, helped her to the finish line, and literally pushed her across the finish line.

Fernandez Anaya (the guy in the green shirt) was equally generous.  He was running second in his race, a ways behind the race leader, Abel Mutai.  As he entered the finishing straight, Fernandez noticed Mutai pull up about 10 metres before the finish line.  Mutai thought he’d crossed the finish line, BUT HE HADN’T!  He still had 30 feet left to go!

Instead of racing past Mutai for the win, Fernandez slowed down and gestured at him to keep running.  He literally helped the OTHER guy win.

Which brings me to the black and white photo of Dick Beardsley at the top.  Dick was running the very first London marathon in 1981.  He and Norway’s Inge Simonsen spent the race battling for first place.  In the finishing stretch, instead of trying to prove who was better than the other, the athletes clasped hands and crossed the finish line together.

How awesome is that?  They acknowledged they were evenly matched, and split the first place prize two ways.

Someone should show these videos to Lance Armstrong.

One thought on “Real Life Superheroes, Part 2

  1. These sorts of moments give me hope for humanity and are a very public display of what those of us involved in such communities already know: there are indeed truly good people out there.

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