The Re-write Blues

Rewriting a novel is like arriving at your new apartment right after the movers have dropped off all your stuff. Everything you need is in that huge mountain of boxes, only you have no idea where.

packing boxes


Making matters worse, your apartment is full of odd-shaped rooms. Where will the sectional look best? What about the treadmill?

You want to move the credenza into the living room, but you sense it’s too wide, and you’ll just end up dragging it back to the bedroom.

And that’s only one of a hundred items. It’s very easy to feel defeated.

There’s only one way to get started: grab a box and start unpacking. What that box is finished, grab another. And then another. And then another.

Eventually, you’ll figure out where everything belongs. And your rooms will fill up and begin looking like home.

Trust the process.  Trust yourself.

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