An Ultra-Challenge for July

Of all the months, July is THE BEST.  July is like hitting a bunch of green lights in a row.  It’s better than the smell of crayons.  It’s the Justin Timberlake of months.

I usually take the whole month off, rent a cabin surrounded by hills and trails, and just run.  Last year, near Collingwood, I logged 347 miles on the Bruce Trail.  The July before that, I covered 316 miles in the Haliburton Forest. The July before that I managed, well, only 272 miles, but that’s because I was running up and down mountains in France.

Running up "The Canigou" - near Perpignan, France

Running up “The Canigou” – near Perpignan, France

This July, I’ve set an even BIGGER challenge.  In addition to running 12 miles per day, I’m determined to write my second novel.

WHAT???  In a month?  Who does he think he is – Stephen King?

Actually, I don’t have to write it from scratch.  I wrote a first draft a couple of years ago, but then I set it aside, so I could work on my other book, which is, you know, actually getting published.

This July is the first chance I’ve had to go back to work on that other writing project.  It’s a big, messy, 60,000-word turd right now, but I’m excited about polishing it into a diamond.

So every day this July, in addition to burning 1000 calories on the trail, I’m hoping to produce 2000 words.  Words that glitter like spun glass, words that gleam like dragonflies in sunshine, words that shimmer like cobwebbed trees in summery skies

Okay, I’ll stop now.

This July, I’m also planning to: eat 30 salads, drink 30 cups of coffee, watch 30 sunsets, take 30 naps, and watch zero television shows.

Wish me luck!

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