Real Life Superheroes, Part 7

You’ve probably heard of exteme sports like base-jumping, free-running, and wake-boarding…

But have you heard of the greatest adrenaline rush of all?

Let me introduce you to…extreme ironing.

extreme ironing 1

Let’s face it. Everyone’s gotta iron. And ironing’s pretty boring.  So why not make ironing time more fun?



I’m a bit OCD, so this sport really speaks to me. You can do extreme ironing anywhere. Atop a mountain, on board a roller coaster, even at the bottom of the ocean.  All it has to be is…extreme.

extreme ironing 3

Uh…dude…there’s a shark above your head.

If you love challenging outdoor activities and the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt, then extreme ironing is for you!

And guess what…  One of the stars of the sport is a 17 year-old kid.

Most teenagers aren’t too fond of housework, but Kevin Krupitzer is an exception.  He’s particularly interested in removing creases from his clothes on top of weird rock formations near his home in Arizona.


My hero, the young Kevin Krupitzer

That doesn’t look too extreme, does it?  Wait a second…let me show you a wide shot:

Extreme ironing 5

No matter how peculiar your passions may be, the world is waiting to see you succeed.

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