I Love This Video and I Don’t Know Why!

What is going on in this video???

Where did all those dogs come from?  Why is the little girl not afraid of them?  Did she raise them from the time they were puppies?  Is she some kind of dog whisperer?

Why is the girl so happy?  Is she maybe a dog herself?  Did she make a wish on a magic bone and transform into a human?

Why is she throwing those things in the air?  What are those things?  They look like blades of grass, but I actually think they’re cheese strings.

Why are the dogs all German Shepherds?  Why are there twelve of them?  Jesus had twelve disciples; is there some significance about the number?

Could the dogs actually be wizards from the future?  Maybe they wanted to deliver a message to the little girl: “Don’t eat too many cheese strings, they’ll make you fat.”

If I had some spare time, I’d write a short story about this video.  I’d call it “Cheese String Girl and the Dogs from the Future.”  Millions of people would read it, and Disney would make a movie of it, and everyone’s questions about this weird video would be answered.  And after the movie was made, you would be asked to keep the twelve German Shepherds.  And you’d take good care of them and let them run free in a grassy meadow, and from time to time you’d frolic with them, and feed them cheese strings, and laugh endlessly.

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