Your Running Playlist, Part 2

I can’t write when music is playing in the background.   I need total silence to write.

On the other hand, when I want to run fast, I needs good tunes.  And nothing gets my legs pumping faster these days than Zedd:

If I had my own planet I’d make everyone write songs that catchy.

Seriously, when that song’s playing, I run faster than the internet.  If it was playing in his ear buds, I bet even the statue of Glenn Gould could win a marathon.


Zedd started playing piano at the age of four.  When he turned twelve, he learned to play the drums.  For a while there, he wrote a new song every day.

Zedd has done remixes for Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, P. Diddy, Swedish House Mafia and Skrillex.  They’re good, but not nearly as good as his fist-pumping, slightly off-kilter originals:

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