Hating on Running

2008 Track - Payton Jordan Cardinal Invitational - May 4, 2008

Shalane Flanagan is this crazyfast American distance runner.  She ran the marathon at the 2012 London Olympics, finishing in 10th place, with a time of 2:25.

In other words, she can run 26 miles in less time than it takes you to watch Wreck it Ralph.  

In order to run that fast, Shalane has to train A LOT.   Running is her full time job.  And like all full-time jobs, it sometimes drives her a little bit crazy CRAZY.

It’s a good list.  But she left out my biggest complaint.  Sometimes, when you wear tear-away pants on a run, you can accidentally snag them on the front bumper of a car stopped at an intersection, and find yourself pants-less in downtown Toronto…

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